"Jewelry making has been a formational journey for me that started in a dark time in my life and continues to evolve."

Hello, I'm Emma. I get to make jewelry for a living. I’m honored to be the maker behind items that are treasured and represent your personality. Jewelry making has been a formational journey for me that started in a dark time in my life and continues to evolve.

After losing my boyfriend in a car accident, my jewelry making classes turned into therapy. I was able to work through my grief and create as I navigated life without him. I poured myself into the work and fell in love with the techniques and processes of this important craft.

I studied both here and in Florence, Italy and graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2017 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. My education was the perfect springboard into the world of jewelry. Now, I am completely immersed in metalsmithing; I work part-time for another local jewelry artist with a dream of working completely for myself one day soon. I am also excited to share that I placed in the top five category for the Halstead Grant in 2018 -a national grant for emerging jewelry artists!

I enjoy working with bold lines, angular organics, and fabricating dimensional geometrics to create modern elegance. I am passionate about jewelry that speaks to the soul of a person. Every single piece is handmade from my heart to yours. Whether it’s a piece from my collection or bespoke work, I love challenging myself creatively.

When I’m not making jewelry, you can find me snuggling a cat, grabbing a craft brew, or spending time with my family and friends.



I think it is my calling to share my full story. To help me do that, I met with Ashley Wierenga, a local lifestyle blogger. After reading just one of her blog posts, I knew she was the one to write my story.

To read more about Emma Elizabeth Jewelry and how it came to be click the button below to be redirected to Sincerely, Ashley and her beautiful letter to the world.


XOXO, Emma