2014 - 2015

Welcome to my new and improved website!  

This body of work was inspired during my first year at Grand Valley State University.  I was blessed to have had Renee Zettle-Sterling as my Jewelry and Metalsmithing professor.  She pushed me but yet let me run free with my ideas as they came and helped me to conquer advanced techniques within my designs.

Toward the end of the year I was able to barter with Betsy Schipper photography for these amazing images of my work.  

I hope my work speaks to you about loss, recovery, strength and most importantly the power of faith.  I am blessed to be able to have grown through my experiences and am incredibly thankful to be where I am today.

On that note I hope you enjoy my first blog post! Stay tuned for many more!



The brooch Evan, is a memorial of a lost loved one.  In the creation of this piece, I aimed to display the mourning process and the deep heartache I have experienced and struggled with. 

Copper, clay fingerprint


The Piece Evan, is a reliquary.  A reliquary is meant to hold a relic; something of religious or sentimental value. This last summer I lost someone very special to me.  Inside my reliquary is a single rose that he had given me. This piece honors his life and holds a single memory.

Copper, gold leaf, silver tubing, red garnets

Mourning Jewelry

I created Mourning Jewelry based off of the historic Victorian mourning jewelry.  The idea behind these pieces is to create something with sentimental value for the loved ones I will one day leave behind.  It is to show the contrast between the beauty of a life, and the sting of a death. 

Sterling silver chain, cast bronze

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets were meant to protect the owner from danger.  For this piece, Charm Bracelet, I wanted to make a bracelet/hand-piece that could be used as a weapon to literally protect the wearer.

Cast bronze

Emma Elizabeth