This dream of mine

One of the best moments I look forward to as a creator is finishing a piece of jewelry.  I often find myself hustling to finish a new piece of jewelry right before I leave the house so I can wear it out.  Then, I have to try it on... look in the mirror... take a few pictures... post it on Instagram... and THEN the next thing I know I was supposed to leave the house 10 minutes ago...  

But it is so worth the tardiness.  I love the fact that I get to adorn my body with my artwork.  I love that every time I look at something I made, I am inspired to create more.  I love being constantly inspired by what's around me... by shapes, colors, architecture, nature, people, fashion... I love sharing my story when people ask me about what I do.  I love the confidence it gives me to keep reaching for my goals and the reminder that hard work does pay off.

I am beyond blessed to have found what I love to do and I am working hard to make this dream come true.  I am so thankful for all the support of those who are rooting for me & want to see me succeed. God is good!  

Lastly, I hope I can inspire you so keep following along so I can share my journey with you!