Sunday, January 29

On the plane I sat next to a woman who did not speak English.  Although, she did know enough tid-bits to show me her two daughters and four grandchildren.  One of which lives in Chicago and the other in Serbia -which I still do not know where that is but I guess I could look it up now...

 ...Okay so Serbia is actually a country in Europe.  Awesome. I learned something new!  I never asked where she was from but the truth is I didn't really know how because I didn't recognize the language she spoke and she didn't understand mine.  That was my first little taste of culture shock.

I arrived in Munich, Germany around 9:30.  At the security check it took the officers a moment to finally let me go on my way.  They talked back and forth in a different language for a while and even made a phone call... while they were on the phone the younger man working in the booth with them turned around and smiled and winked at me.  It was quite funny.  Thats not all.  After they let me through there were three more officers and the male one stopped me and again asked me questions about where I was going, and for how long, and why was I going, did I have money on me, or did I have alcohol or cigarettes on me?  Do Germans do this to all American girls to fluster them?  They didn't stop anyone else?  Well that was my train of thought but it turns out.. that was customs.  They were trying to trip me up because they are looking for something to be wrong and maybe I was flagged because something seemed suspicious.  They were just doing their job trying to keep the world save from blonde girls like me. ;)

The airplane ride turned out to be rather enjoyable.  I had nothing to worry about.  The best part was watching God color the sky as the sun rose.  It was beautiful.  I had never seen anything like it.  Normally you look up and see the colors of the sky but from a plane you look down and the pink and orange colors line the clouds below.  As we got closer to Munich the landscape below had such a beautiful pattern.  It was a mix of snow covered hills and farmland with random groupings of quaint residential areas that were scattered all over.  Contrasting the white snow were roads that snaked through and around patches of deep green forest.  It was wonderful.  From now on I must always request a window seat.

At Munich Airport I wrote this journal entry as I waited to board my flight to Florence, Italy.  I prayed yet again for a safe flight.