Saturday, January 28

As I sat at gate C11 in O'hare airport, all I could think about was what was I getting myself into.  I was about to get on a plane and fly nine hours from a place I know and love, to a place I have only ever dreamed about on the other side of the ocean.

I was nervous, scared, and sad to have left my loved ones.. I was trying desperately to be courageous.  I had to snap myself out of it.  I was going to that place I had only dreamt about.  I was going to ITALY!

I had a feeling then that the next few days to come were going to be a blur but a good blur.  Now that I was past the goodbyes, I was looking forward to landing in Italy.   I felt excited to see what God will have in store for me.  It has been comforting to know that no matter how I am feeling, He is with me and He will supply all my needs (Phil. 4: 19).  As I wrote this in my journal I prayed silently for a safe flight and that God would calm my nerves. Then I wrote happily, Italy here I come!