The Duomo

Friday, February 10

This morning we went to see the inside of the Duomo.  The Duomo dates all the way back 1296 when they first started building it. It was completed finally in 1436 when the dome was completed.  They didn't know how to engineer a dome of that size when the duomo was first started, so it was left with out a dome for many years.  It was the largest dome until the modern era and is still the largest brick dome ever constructed.

There will be plenty more posts with pictures of the Duomo since I haven't climbed the dome or the bell tower yet.  The leaders of API actually were able to get us tickets free of charge to do both those things and go to the museum of the Duomo.  That will be coming up in the next month or two!

As for the rest of the day, I have been resting trying to get better.  Tomorrow, Didi and I are headed to Civita di Bagnoregio and enchanted city on a hill that dates back to the medieval times.  I actually wrote about Civita for a scholarship opportunity to study abroad.  It reminds me of my nights at the Bitterend coffee shop with Emily Moelker.  She helped me write a lot of that essay. (Miss you Emily!) Good times.  Anyways, I am very excited to actually be able to see it in person tomorrow.  Then, Saturday night we will head to Siena and stay at an Airbnb for the night and then, Sunday morning we will wander Siena and hopefully find somewhere to do some wine tasting. 

Here are my images from the Duomo, Enjoy!