Saturday, February 11

This is my second weekend here in Florence.  This Saturday Didi and I planned a trip to Civita di Bagnoregio.  We left Florence by train early Saturday morning.  The train took about two hours and we ended up in Orvieto.  There, we waited patiently for a bus to come and pick us up to take us to the city on a hilltop.  Figuring out where to buy bus tickets was hard because the people there barely spoke any english, if any, but we managed with our meager knowledge of Italian to buy our tickets and find out where the bus stop was. 

The bus ride was quite the ride.  The sights out to window were incredible.  We weaved back and forth, slowly inching up through the hills to get to Civita.  In Orvieto, at the train station, we didn't realize what was around us.  We were completely surrounded by hills and were actually down in a valley in between.  The bus drivers drive like maniacs.  They cut corners at very high speeds, the roll right through stop signs, and they are very jerky with their breaks.  My mom would have shit her pants ;).  AND what we thought was going to be a 20 minute ride turned into an hour ride because they had to make stops on the way that seemed like they were out of the way.  Off of the bus we had a twenty minute walk to get to the bridge that would take us to Civita.  There are no cars on the hilltop city, only scooters.  From afar it seems big but once you are up there it is actually very easy to navigate in under 45 minutes by foot.  There were cats everywhere!  Any one who know me knows I love cats... this was actually one of the main reasons I wanted to visit.  (one of the cats actually looked like Conrad, one of my cats back home) Other reasons I wanted to visit were the picturesqueness of the city clinging to a cliff, the enchanting pathways winding through the city, and the views looking from the hilltop.  They did not disappoint.  

We made it back to the last bus pickup around 5:30 just in the knick of time and headed back to the train station.  There, we booked our tickets by machine for Siena.  We had to take two different trains to get there.  We arrived in Siena around 9:30 and got a taxi to our Airbnb.  Sabine let us in and we dropped our stuff off so we could go out for a late dinner at Ristorante il Bandierino.  This was one of the seven restaurants that lined Piazza del Campo, the main square of the city.  The young people of Siena filled the streets on our walk to dinner and once we reached the square it was full of people hanging out getting drinks or casually drinking beer with their friends.  It was a perfect night of amazing pizza, good company, people watching and great wine from Chianti.  I could have sat there for hours drinking wine and watching people.