Sunday, February 12

Wow. I am almost a week behind! Tomorrow is already Sunday, February 19th! 

Last Sunday I spent the day in Siena, Italy with my friend Didi.  We woke up and headed straight to the Duomo of Siena (a cathedral).  We ended up having to wait until 1:30 to go inside.  So we found a breakfast place back at Piazza del Campo where we went to a different restaurant the night before.  It was called Bar il Palio.  I found it in a travel guide I brought with me by The Lonely Planet with information about Tuscany.  I highly recommend it.  I ordered something small with a orange spritz (an alcoholic breakfast drink).  I saw the locals drinking it so I had to try it.  We ended up sitting there for an hour or two.  It was sunny and beautiful out.  I was even able to take my jacket off because the sun kept me warm.  While we sat and sunbathed we enjoyed some people watching and I ordered a caffè.  We had a beautiful view of the Tower of Mangia with the piazza in between us.  

Our tickets to see the Duomo of Siena also included the museum, the crypt, and the baptistry.  We also climbed to the top of an arch for a view overlooking the whole city, it was beautiful.  Here are a bunch of pictures to make up for my lack of writing.  I am currently on an excursion to Rome through API and it has been a busy week so bear with me. :)