Saturday, February 18

Saturday in Rome we started off at 945 for a two hour bus tour around the city to see the popular sights and learn a little bit of the history of the city.  We ended the tour at Castle Sant' Angelo.  The foundation and lower level of the fortress date back to ancient Roman times.  The walls have holes all over them because that was how they mounted the marble reliefs (carvings) to the walls.  It was ordered to be built by Roman Emperor Hadrian to be the burial ground for him and his family.  Later in 400 AD it was built it up into a fortress.  Most of the statues and bronze decoration was used to throw down on there enemies when they were attacked and the marble was stripped from the castle when it was raided.  The stacks of marble balls in the picture were actually common balls made from the marble of the lower level.  In the 14th century the castle was connected by corridor to St. Peter's Basilica.  It was later used to house a pope and decorated for his comfort.

Then we walked over to Vatican City, which is also its own country within Rome.  Saint Peter's is the building in the pictures with the big dome.  It and the Sistine Chapel to me were the main sights to see within Vatican City, beside the view from the square in front of St. Peter's.  I went through the Vatican museum alone so I could take my time and not be rushed.  There was so much to see.  Toward the end I rushed myself cause I couldn't wait any longer to see the Sistine chapel where Michelangelo painted the ceiling, over 5000 square feet, in the 1500's.  All of the scenes were biblical scenes of his choice. Michelangelo came back a few decades later to paint the last judgement scene on one of the walls.  Please look them up to see pictures because it is just incredible.  We weren't allowed to take pictures, although I did sneak a few on my phone but they aren't good quality, so just look it up.  Go to my Instagram: emmaelizabethjewelry to see one of my pictures. (My Instagram is linked in the menu of my website as well)

Then I waited in line to see the inside of St. Peters and those are the pictures toward then end.  St. Peter's Basilica was built where it is because it is said to be the burial ground of Jesus' disciple Peter.

At night we found the perfect place to get the burger of my dreams but it was reserved out the rest of the night so we settled on Chinese food because for the time being we needed a break from pasta and pizza.  I am very tempted to make a trip back to Rome just to go to The Perfect Bun to get that perfect burger.  It smelled delicious in that restaurant and I was so hungry.  Hopefully I can find a good burger in Florence.  After that we headed back and I went to Fridgidarium for gelato because it is said to be the best gelato in Italy.  It was amazing.  I recommend the flavors: fridgidarium and hazelnut.  

Enjoy these pictures from Rome!