My Space

Here is a glimpse into my apartment.  The first three images are shots from my room.  I have my own room and I have attempted to try and make it feel like home.  My bed as not very soft but I can't complain because I am in Italy!  The next picture is the bathroom right outside my door.  I love it!  However, the drain needs to be unclogged because I can only be in there with the water running for up to five minutes before the shower overflows.  We were told not to fix it but tell our landlord and have him fix it because the plumbing here is not like back home.  Everything is way out dated here.  So every time we get out of the shower we have to remove hair from the drain. Every time.  Seriously, or it will get clogged and we will have to pay for it to be repaired.  

The next picture is some of the food I bought from the market. (We have a market at the ground level of our apartment, it is awesome.)  You may see a magic bullet in the picture and yes I brought it.  Fresh fruit and spinach = delicious smoothie for breakfast!  We also have a flatscreen TV.  Apparently having a flatscreen isn't normal, most other people I talked to said they don't have a TV at all or it is one of those historic box TVs.  The finally pictures are taken off of our balcony!  

I am so thankful for this apartment, to have my own space, and to be living in the location I was placed.  It is perfect and I am loving every minute of it! 

P.S. I am a bit under the weather right now with a cold.  So all I really want to do when I get in my room is Netflix and sleep.  Its hard enough to keep up with my devotions.  The scoop on Thursday through Sunday will be coming soon with more pictures!