Thursday, February 2

Thursday morning all the students of Lorenzo de Medici had a mandatory meeting at 8:30am.  There we learned what services were available to us through Lorenzo de Medici.  They have two American counselors that live here in Florence to help us with any issued we have while we are here.  (So, to my sister Tess, you could move to a different country for four years as a counselor and help students cope while they are abroad.)  There are many different clubs we can join like yoga, volleyball, choir, cooking classes, pilates, etc.  I am going to join pilates to learn something new.  I also heard pilates is good for strengthening your core.  I have scoliosis and a muscle imbalance along my spine and it can cause me to have chronic back pain if I don't keep the muscles in shape. Also, then it can help me ease my way into a workout regimen while I am abroad.  I also signed up to day for a tandem session to help me learn Italian.  Once or twice a week I will sit down with an Italian student and we will talk together about or interests and other aspects of life.  This will help us to listen and ask questions about how each others language works.  It was all very interesting although it was a struggle to keep my eyes open.

At night I met up with Emma² Kelsey, Kathryn, and Didi at The LdM (Lorenzo de Medici) welcome reception where we had free food and wine.  It was quite the fancy event!  From there we strolled the streets of Florence.  We laughed a lot and took lots of pictures.