Saturday, February 4

Saturday morning I met Emma H. and a group of girls at the Ponte Vecchio.  One of the girls, Norah, posted earlier in the week asking if anyone one was interested in going on a day trip to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Immediately I wanted to go.  My mindset while I am abroad is to embrace every opportunity to travel that comes my way.  So, I booked my first train ticket online and it was just under €9.  We all walked to the Santa Maria Novella train station were we met up with Emma C., Didi, and Kathryn.  We went around trying to figure out how or if we have to validate our tickets on our phone but apparently you don't have to when it is on your phone because it is more secure. (Still not 100% sure about that)

It rained all day Saturday but it was still worth the trip.  Pisa is definitely not as big a I thought it would be.  From all the pictures people take holding up the tower it seems huge, but it is actually pretty small.  Once you see the tower, there really is no need to see it again.  I am glad I went because it was definitely worth seeing everyone pose for the typical holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa picture.

After our pictures we had lunch, and went shopping!  I found a pair of high waisted, ripped jeans for €9 at 70% off. What a steal! ;)

Enjoy the pictures from Pisa!