Sunday, February 5

I woke up early and got dressed for church.  Emma and I walked over to Santa Croce where we met Emma C. and Kelsey for caffè and a pastry.  I had two small croissants with creme and a caffè (espresso shot).  Coffee here is caffè which is basically an espresso shot.  American coffee is caffè americano.  No one drinks caffè americano here but Americans.  I rather enjoy the way they drink caffè.

From there we want to Santa Croce "holy cross" Cathedral for mass.  The whole service was held in Italian.  I recognized the tune to the first song they sang from a psalm we sing back home in church.  They also sang Gloria in Exchelsis Deo as well as Hosanna in the Highest.  Which was pretty cool to hear sung in Italian.  The cathedral was very cold, it dates back to 1296, when they started to build it.  The Cathedral itself was very stunning.  This week Friday we get to see the inside of the Duomo.  Hopefully I will have a lot of pictures to show you.

After the service we went home to change and then headed to the Accademia Galleria to see the David.  The first Sunday of each month all the state museums are free.  Unfortunately, the line was to long to get into the Uffizi Gallery, which Florence is the most famous for.  However, to me, that museum is worth paying for.  The David was breathtaking and Michelangelo did a stunning job.  I have tried subtractive sculpture before and it is not easy.  It does not come natural to me.  It definitely came natural for Michelangelo.  Subtractive sculpture is the oldest form of sculpture and involves removing material, in this case stone, to create a finished work.  Imagine have a giant piece of rock in front of you, how would you proceed in chipping away the stone to create a statue of a person?

For lunch we ate at an organic pizzeria, Simbiosi.  It was the best pizza I have ate in my entire life.  Another plus: they had IPA, and GOOD IPA!  Oh how I missed my IPA!

Back at home again.  Yes, my apartment/room finally is starting to feel like home. (home away from home) I listened to a service online and did my devotions.  I read my book, Through the Eyes of a Lion, journaled, and wrote a blog.  Then I went to bed refreshed and ready for a new week in Florence and my first day of class. 

Things I am thankful for: Jesus, this wonderful adventure God has blessed me with, the chance to shine my light in a different culture, the ability to learn about a new culture and learn from them, I am thankful for all the people who have come into my life through this trip so far, I am thankful for the opportunity to grow through all these new experiences, and I am thankful for my faith and that I always know I am safe in the palm of God's hand.