Saturday, March 11 & Sunday, March 12: Venice

For my sake to catch up on my blogging this will be a quick blurb about what we did in Venice and then you can enjoy the multitude of images I have for you!

We left for Venice really early Saturday morning  and arrived around 11.  After travel by bus we hopped on a ferry that dropped us off not to far from St. Marks Basilica.  Immediately we were met by our tour guide who gave us a 2 hour tour of a section of Venice.  After that the six of us girls paid for a gondola ride.  Gondolas are 80 euro during the day and around 120 in the evening when it is more romantic and they last about 30 minutes.  It was nice to be able to split it between 6 people.  In a week I will be returning to Venice with Josh and we will have to split between only two people but it is so worth the experience.  I recommend getting the pictures out of the way right away so then you can sit back and enjoy the ride.  (secretly I am hoping to do the romantic night time gondola when I visit next but we will see what Josh thinks)

Later we left Venice to check in to our hotel in Mestre.  We clean up a bit and went out to get some seafood in Mestre which is just outside of Venice.  I think it was a cheaper option for API then staying right in Venice.  I had prawns which is just a fancy word for shrimp.  They were fresh and still looked like they just came out of the water but cooked.  I never had shrimp like that before so the server had to tell me how to eat them and they got a good laugh at the american who didn't know how to eat shrimp.  It was a great meal but very messy.  Then we got McFlurries at McDonalds and headed to bed.

They next day we went to Burano, another one of the venetian islands.  It was so colorful and beautiful.  We were lucky to have the weather that we had both days in Venice.  It was incredible.  Before the Island we stopped to watch a glass blower create glass sculptures.  I bought my first piece of blown glass for my home someday!  Back in Burano we spent the day walking around taking picture and practicing our modeling.  Then we had seafood for lunch.  I have been more daring and gave seafood another shot and I am beginning to really enjoy it!  We took the Ferry back which was about an hour and then took the bus back to Venice!

Enjoy my pics :)