Saturday, March 4 & Sunday March 5: Ireland

I am super excited to share these photos from Saturday, March 4 with you.  The day was just gorgeous.  It started off rainy and was a little rough but by the time we made it to the Cliffs of Moher the sun came out from behind the clouds.  The lighting was perfect and made for some very good pictures.  

So, like I mentioned in my previous blog we went on another bus tour that took us to a couple castles, the baby cliffs, and the Cliffs of Moher.  We met Gavin in the morning on O'Connel street before he stopped to pick up is tour group.  He set us up with prime front seats.  Throughout the entire trip he chatted with us and made it a pretty great trip.  Again, if you do a Paddywagon tour make sure you have Gavin as your tour guide.  You will not regret it.  He is really funny and sometimes says things he shouldn't but he always kept us laughing.  It was very entertaining.  He gave us advice at one point telling us to get a bottle of whiskey and drink it and to trust him it stops the crime.  Whiskey fixes everything even crime.  He also told us how's the craic or what's the craic means how's things or what's up.  Craic also means fun.  He told us from his own experience in the U.S. that he learned the hard way not to mention craic to airport security.  Bad idea.  They thought he was asking for a drug deal and it didn't help that he got drunk on the plane.  So he was held in custody at the airport for 24 hours.  Meanwhile, as he is telling us this whole story he is cracking up at himself.  Pretty goofy dude.

Anyway, the Cliffs of Moher were stunning.  It was incredibly windy but that is normal at the cliffs.  We were very fortunate to have sun.  We spent about two hours there and walked along the edge of the cliffs.  Not to close to the edge because if a gust of wind hit you just right I am convinced you would fly right of the edge of the cliff.

After our tour Deirdre and Granny had fish and chips waiting for us back at the house.  It was delicious.  Then we got ready to go out to Temple bar.  Temple bar is the name of the area and the area is filled with many different types of bars to go to.  Our goal was to find a bar with live Irish folk songs being sung.  The first place was crowded and the artist sang a mix of everything.  After get shoved around quite a bit we went to find another bar.  This bar had Irish music and a table to sit at.  It was perfect.  We even made some friends and had a great view of the dance floor. It was some good craic.

Sunday, we got to the airport early and slept for a while and then our flight was delayed.  While waiting in line they asked us to check our bags (don't do it, never a good idea) so we checked our bags thinking it would help us reach our connecting flight faster.  After a half hour we boarded and took off.  An hour later we about to land in Frankfurt and we had to do an emergency round about.  We were so close to landing but there was a storm right over the airport so the turbulence was rocking the plane to much.  We flew around for a half hour and then successfully landed in Frankfurt only to realize we missed our connecting flight.  We flew out of Bologna and the next flight available was at 8 PM.  There were two other girls next to us who also needed to get back to Florence and they were able to get on a flight to Munich right away that would then take them to Florence.  We heard there exchange happen and asked the man who helped us but since we checked our bags we could not go that route because it is illegal to travel without your bags with you.  You can imagine how ticked I was.  even writing about it now upsets me.  So anyways, we took the flight to Bologna but there were no trains running that late.  We were going to have to stay in Bologna and wake up early to get home and make it to our 9 AM classes.  We eventually found an alternative way home but it meant us waiting at a bus station in Bologna until 12:30 AM  and getting on a two hour long bus ride back to Florence.  A train ride would have only taken 35 minutes.  So originally if we wouldn't have missed our connecting flight we would have been home around 6 PM on Sunday, instead we didn't get home until 2:30 AM.  It was rough.  I am happy to not be flying much in the next two months.

Don't worry, I still made it to class and was able to get a nap in later in the day that Monday.

Ciao! Enjoy the photos!