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Some of you may have read my story before and know what I mean when I say that metalsmithing is a really a form of therapy for me. I will link my story at the bottom of the blog post in order to share it with you again. I believe that God gave us our stories in order for us to use them. I can definitely testify that great joy and healing has come to me from doing just that.

A year and a half ago, while I was studying abroad in Italy, I will never forget hearing the most heart wrenching news that my friend Hannah lost her boyfriend Dylan in a car accident. Now, just a few short months ago, I believe it was a Sunday morning I heard the heartbreaking news that Courtney, a good friend of mine from high school, lost the love of her life in a horrible accident. Almost immediately all the pain that I felt when I lost Evan came flooding back to me. I wanted to run and distance myself from feeling that pain again. It took a lot of courage to finally reach out and when I did I could not for the life of me find the right words to say. In reality there is nothing we can say to take their pain away. It hurts terribly knowing what they are going through, how broken they feel and how much they must be struggling as they pick up the pieces of the life they thought they would have.


Sometimes saying nothing and just being there for them when they cry and crying with them can heal wounds faster than saying all the “right things”. I decided that was what I needed to do, I didn’t have to have the right words to say, I could just be there and spend time with them. I originally wanted to make them something special… I wanted it to have have meaning and be something they could hold onto moving forward but I didn’t know how to make that for them. That’s when it hit me, I could teach them to make their own piece of jewelry in memory of Dylan and Jordan. I could share my form of therapy with them to spend time with them and distract them from their everyday heartache.

The day turned out to be such a blessing for all of us, from the conversations we had, the stories we remembered and the pictures we shared. Here are some photos of our day:

Hannah and Courtney were so gracious in writing a little something about what this experience meant to them:


"The last year and a half I have struggled with the most difficult loss. The loss of a loved one. It’s been difficult to actually enjoy myself when part of me is missing but Emma so generously offered her time to teach me how to make a special piece of jewelry in Dylan's honor using her unique form of therapy. I was amazed how many steps and hard work it takes to create something so beautiful. She patiently walked me through the steps of cutting the metal to the length we needed, filing the corners to make them perfectly round and then, how to add letter stamping so I could make it ever-so personal. It’s heartwarming to know those who have been in your position. Those who understand how much a little gesture can go such a long ways. This experience was amazing and I'm thankful to have a memorable piece to constantly wear close to my heart."



"On July 7, I lost the most important person in my life. I was so lost, I didn't know where to turn, and I hit my ultimate low. Emma reached out to me and offered her studio, and her own time and money to help me create something so personal and meaningful. She knew that her form of therapy could help more people than just herself. Every time I look at my hand and see the ring that I made, it helps me through another day. I carry that piece of Jordon with me every single day and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. That afternoon helped me in so many ways, more ways than I can explain or even begin to thank her for."


Hannah and Courtney, words cannot express what this day did for me. Grief is hard to understand, and it definitely comes in waves. This day and your companionship helped me to grieve openly again with you girls. It is comforting to know that our guys are together in a much better place where grief cannot touch them. Until we meet again, Evan, Jordan and Dylan <3 In the meantime we will be here encouraging each other, holding each other up and missing you.



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