The Gift of an Experience

Text by Ashley Stuive 


Let’s take a minute and be honest. Giving good gifts is tough-- I said it.  Between birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, wedding showers, baby showers, Mother’s Day, you name it, the laundry list of gifts we buy is nearing the point of ridiculous. Yet, we love giving gifts because our loved ones deserve to feel special.

Since we are already being honest, special gifts are hard to come by. I like to dream about unique ways to show someone close to me that I care. Naturally, time gets away from me and I end up rushing to the store for the last bouquet of flowers or the only set of dinner plates left on the registry.

With graduation coming up, we are  approaching the point where we can 1) get that last bouquet of flowers or 2) hope to stumble upon something a little better. This is you stumbling.

Why not give your graduate something completely unique: an experience and a personalized gift. They get to spend 3 to 4 hours with Emma in her studio learning how to create their own piece of jewelry from their own design. Not only do they get a unique experience, they get to walk away with a personalized piece of jewelry that they created!

So how does this work? I am glad you asked. Just set up a time that works for your grad and come with a few sketches of their desired piece in mind. You can find all kinds of stones on Etsy, just make sure they are from the US so they get here in time. There are also many stone shops that operate on Instagram like arroks_rocks or RiseandGrind.HH. For $47/hour for 3-4 hours your graduate can create something amazing.

As a gift to my 13 year old sister graduating from 8th grade I bought her a mother of pearl cabochon and spent a few hours in the studio teaching her how to create her very own ring. She brought her design to me and we worked through it and made some slight changes together. Needless to say she loves it!
— Emma

Just go to Emma's Contact Page  and shoot her an email to schedule, and she will answer any questions you might have.