Behind the Scenes: The 5 “Re’s” to a Website Revamp

launch blog.jpg

Hey everyone! Ashley here. I am sitting here staring at the last few drops in my favorite coffee mug realizing 1) I need more coffee and 2) I am kind of giddy with excitement. So, I hope your mugs are full and you’re feeling the same sense of excitement as me on this gorgeous summer day!


If you’re not one to infer, I will let you in on why I am so excited. Emma and I have been working to launch the updated Emma Elizabeth Jewelry website (*enthusiastic cheers*) on July 5th! Personally, I never understood the work that goes into these sites. I rummage around various blogs and shopping sites almost daily and I just assumed they got so beautiful by chance. Pictures are casually snapped, a few words thrown down, and a gorgeous site magically appears. I was a bit off in my assumptions.  


The Emma Elizabeth Websites was already pretty and professional, so why change? I like to think about that phrase “if you’re not growing you’re dying.” Too extreme? Maybe. But it’s always a good thing to reevaluate and update content. Never settle! This means reevaluating all content and keeping things fresh and new. The world keeps moving forward why should we be the exception? Here are some steps we took:

Retake: New photos! The cameras they make these days are incredible. They capture detail and can make or break a website. Update pictures and keep the images cohesive.

Reequip: add some helpful info for viewers. Think FAQ’s page; always handy. We also added a features page that links viewers to any posts, website or blog features that include Emma Elizabeth Jewelry and a consignment link that shows where you can find Emma Elizabeth Jewelry in Grand Rapids.

Redesign: The fun part! Fresh designs and updated website effects are great additions to a revamped website. Drastic changes are fun and much more enjoyable to explore. A 180° change is even better. Everything that was light and white is now dark and rich.

Rewrite: Open up your favorite website (I love Cara Loren’s blog or and check out all of the words! Product descriptions, product names, the fine print, return policies, what have you. All of it is important!

Read and re-read: Anyone ever find a mistake in a novel and sit there for a while thinking, “All the editors and writers, how did they miss that?” Just me? Okay, well I find it distracting. This is a great place to get as many fresh eyes as possible to look over grammar, wording, etc.

Celebrate: Not technically one of the 5 “re’s”, couldn’t even think of an r-word that equates (you with the glorious vocabularies, help a girl out) but it is arguably the most important part. Launch that website and make a big deal out of it because it is exciting. 


So, mark those calendars! July 5th is just days away and we plan to party!


-Ashley <3