Tucson, AZ - The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

It is weeks away from that time of year again. This year, I will be stopping to visit my sister Tess in San Bernardino, California before I make my way over to one of my favorite places, Tucson, AZ. I can’t wait to see her again and experience California for my first time!

My beautiful friend Mel, at Gary Wilson’s booth

My beautiful friend Mel, at Gary Wilson’s booth

Last year I asked you if there were any specific stones or gemstones that I could hunt down for you and you showered me with requests. I am so grateful for all of you. One of my greatest passions is creating bespoke jewelry. That is, custom jewelry that is designed and tailored to your requirements. In this instance you will even get to pick the stone of your choice. Then, in Tucson, I will track down the stone that is perfect for you!

One thing you need to know about me is that I purely enjoy the search. Marshall’s clothing store is a great example of this. At Marshall’s you have to take your time searching through all the things to maybe find a hidden treasure. Sometimes you find gold, others you leave empty handed. People either love it or absolutely HATE it. I LOVE the hunt, it is like therapy to me. I could seriously spend hours in that store to the point where I lose track of time… In fact, that is why I stay far, far away from it.

Some jaw dropping quartz and amethyst points

Some jaw dropping quartz and amethyst points

Tucson is just like that, it is one of the world’s largest treasure hunts. I start looking forward to this event on the plane ride home from it. I think you get it, I think you totally understand my crazy love for the Tucson Gem, Rock and Fossil Show. So with that in mind, let me treasure hunt for you!

So, what does that look like? Well, maybe you enjoyed a previous bespoke project that I did. You may have been browsing my Bespoke Gallery, and decided you want a stone just like one you saw there or maybe you want a different stone but the same shape so it fits the same design. Perhaps you have always loved the deep blue coloring of lapis lazuli and would like one for yourself. In order for me to find the right stone I will need a few things from you.

The first thing you need to do is contact me - copy and paste the following numbers with the proper responses into the contact box. You can click contact or email me at emmaelizabethjewelry.com

Some of my 2018 purchases

Some of my 2018 purchases

  1. Type of stone or gemstone

  2. Approximate size

  3. Shape of stone

  4. Piece of jewelry it is for

  5. Approximate Budget

  6. (Optional) Best way for me to contact you that you respond to quickly. I would love to send images of the stones I pick to insure that it is what you are looking for.

Once I receive your email I will request a $50 downpayment for the stone. When I return home I will request the complete amount for the stone and then we will begin to talk about your bespoke jewelry design, timeline and budget. My hourly rate for bespoke starts at $57/hr and for higher end faceted stones with a pavilion I charge $75/hr.

I am looking forward to your emails, and very excited for the treasure hunt ahead of me. Have a blessed week.

Xoxo, Emma