Frequently Asked Questions

Handmade & One of a Kind

Each piece is handmade by me and made to your order. You truly are getting a one of a kind piece of jewelry since no two pieces are created exactly the same. Due to the pieces being handmade to order, pieces may vary slightly from photographs. This is the same for sizes and colors, dimensions are approximate. 

Finding your ring size

I highly recommend finding your correct ring size before placing your ring order.

I created my own ring sizing form for you to use to determine your ring size. Make sure you follow the proper printing instruction written on the form. It must be printed at 100% scale in order to be accurate. Click here for the EEJ Ring Sizing Form

For frequent ring purchasers - you can find a plastic sizer on Amazon that is great for helping find your finger measurements. Find it here.

Another great method to help you find your ring size would be visiting your local jewelry store. Most jewelry stores will even size your finger for free. This is one of the most accurate ways to determine your ring size. I suggest to have them size all your fingers for future reference.

Resizing and Repairs

I stand behind the quality of my merchandise and am happy to provide repairs due to production fault free of charge. I ask if you receive an item that is defective or damaged, you contact me  immediately within 24 hours of receipt of the item.

If you damage an item purchased on the website, please get in contact to see if I am able to repair. If I am able to repair your item I will provide a quote for the cost of repair.

Other repairs, such as ring resizing or chain lengthening, typically involve a charge.

*Buyer is responsible for shipping to and from the studio.

*Repair requests can be submitted here or by emailing


Bespoke designs and sale items are non-refundable. If you are unhappy with a stock item that you have purchased from Emma Elizabeth Jewelry online, I ask that you contact me within 7 days of the date you received your purchase to be refunded. Items must be returned with their original packaging and in perfect, unworn condition. *Refund does not include shipping costs. *Return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility.


I welcome consignment requests. Get in touch with me here or at To help keep the process moving please provide me with the following information. What is your company name, website, what type of business are you, how long you have been in business, what is your retail price point, what are the brands you carry, and finally why you think Emma Elizabeth Jewelry would be a good fit for you.

I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Bespoke Designs

By definition bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser.

I love the opportunity to create bespoke jewelry because it is a way for me to personally get to know you and hear your stories. 

To start, you give me the specifics: type of jewelry, jewelry remodel, occasion, metal preference, stone, budget, deadline, and any design inspo. Then, I present you with three designs to choose from. Once the design is selected a non-refundable 50% deposit will be due. Since each customer and their bespoke piece is unique, the time of completion can vary based on many factors. I will keep you updated as I go.

Be sure to check out my Bespoke Gallery of previous commissions. They are to help guide and inspire you! To begin your bespoke journey click here or email me at

Jewelry Care

Tarnishing or oxidation is a result of oxygen or sulfur coming into contact with sterling silver. Tarnished silver is duller and sometimes a dark color. Emma Elizabeth Jewelry works with .925 Sterling Silver and because of the higher purity, silver like this will tarnish more quickly. Many pieces are intentionally oxidized to achieve the desired look for the design.

Sterling silver jewelry LOVES to be worn. Wearing your sterling silver jewelry can actually keep it from tarnishing! The natural oils from your skin actually protect and clean the silver. However, certain activities can cause your jewelry to lose its luster. Remove your jewelry before working out, taking a shower, swimming, cleaning, applying hairspray, putting on lotion or applying makeup. 

Store your jewelry in an airtight jewelry box or in a plastic baggy, somewhere with low humidity. Save those silica packets that come in a new purse and place them in your jewelry box or plastic bag to keep the moisture out. 

When cleaning, use a soft toothbrush, warm water, and dawn original soap. This is the process I use to clean the pieces at the end of the creation process.

Polishing your jewelry is usually the best way to clean it. I recommend the Sunshine polishing cloth, you can easily find and purchase this cloth off of Amazon. Polishing your jewelry before it becomes too tarnished will minimize the amount of work needed. When polishing avoid areas that were intentionally oxidized as part of the design. I recommend buying the Sunshine polishing cloth immediately after your purchase of sterling silver jewelry.

It is pretty simple, following these guidelines of how to store, wear and clean your jewelry will dramatically prolong the life of your jewelry.  

Blackened Text

The patina used to blacken the text may not last forever. Why? The mixture of daily wear, body chemistry, applying lotions, hand sanitizers, sweating, using cleaning products and others things can effect the patina. This is completely normal. I would love to re-apply the patina when needed over time. To have the patina re-applied, please fill out a contact form here.

*There is no fee for re-application but you will be responsible for shipping fees to and from the studio.